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How much does an HVAC system cost? We break down costs for all major equipment and accessories to help you prepare for your next heating and cooling project.


  1. $5,000-$10,000
  2. $ 10,000-15,000美元
  3. $ 15,000- $ 20,000 +
  4. 一只手臂还有一只腿
  5. “It Depends”

Thankfully, we can say at least D. is incorrect. Your arms and legs are quite safe in the transaction.

Since we can’t know who is reading this article, answer E., “it depends,” is the most truthful among those five options, but it’s also the most frustrating.You want answers. And we’re here to provide them.

We’ve installed over 20,000 HVAC systems, and have run countless more service visits. Cost is the #1 question we receive. And we’ve learned that direct answers are better than avoiding the question.

This article will break down costs. No, we can’t give you an exact number without an in-home estimate, since we don’t know what type of equipment you’ll need and the particulars of your home. But we can give you accurate price ranges and considerations that will give you a sense of what your system will cost.

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What’s in an HVAC System?

First, it’s useful to be reminded ofeverything that’s in a heating and cooling system。Because it’s not just an air conditioner and furnace, which is usually what we think of when we imagine HVAC.

  1. 空调或热泵:这有两个主要部分,室内机和室外单元。室外部分从家中取出热量,而室内机会吸收热量和湿度以通风。在冬季热泵,反向是真的,并加热到家里。
  2. :the two primary炉的类型gas furnacesandelectric furnaces虽然有些年长或农村的房屋可能会用油或其他替代燃料来源加热他们的家。
  3. 一种ir Handler:一些房主相信这只是炉子的一部分,但你的空气处理程序全年将空气通过家庭移动。HVAC系统的冷却侧也是必要的,并控制导管的气流。
  4. Ductworkductworkis often forgotten, but is the circulatory system of your heating and cooling network. Without good ductwork, you’ll leak air and have poor circulation in different parts of your home.
  5. 恒温器:恒温器与主要设备沟通,也可以在您家中进行监控湿度水平,并与空气净化器,远程温度传感器和其他HVAC产品等附件进行交流。
  6. Filters:you’ve probably forgotten to check and replace your filter before. We’ve all done this, but it’s important not to forget too often, because filters not only keep your air clean and healthy, but they can inhibit airflow when they get dirty. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced your air filter, you’re losing money on utilities because your system has to work harder.
  7. 一种ccessories:这些是最广泛的,可以包括远程恒温器传感器,加湿器,除湿剂,空气净化器和您家的其他生活质量升级。取决于您居住的位置,其中一些可能比其他人更重要。例如,潮湿气候中的干气候和除湿剂(特别是在地下室的家庭中)的加湿器可以是必需品。


点,there are a lot of moving parts in a good HVAC system, and each one is important to the overall health and safety of your home.



Split HVAC Systems是the most common in homes, and this simply means that the HVAC system is split between an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Your furnace won’t have an outdoor portion (besides an exhaust pipe) but your heat pump or air conditioner will. If you have one of the two types below (packaged or ductless), you’ll likely know it. Otherwise, this is the preferred solution for most homeowners.

Packaged HVAC Systems是more common in commercial use, but can occasionally be used in residential homes. The bonus is that they usually sit entirely outside (reducing the need for in-home space) and save on installation costs by being pre-assembled. But they’re large, can lose efficiency due to being exposed to the elements, and can run more expensive compared to traditional split systems.

Ductless Systems用于家庭,这些家庭没有内置的管道。向整个家中添加导管可以花费数千(或数千人在较大的家中!),因此无论是无导管的系统都是可供某些的。这些系统利用导管迷你分裂, which you’re probably familiar with in-home additions, liveable attics, garages, or master bedrooms as supplementary heating and cooling. But they can be used to heat and cool an entire home as well.

燃料源matters as well, since whether or not you have agas line跑到你的炉子,或者完全是electric,将确定安装和维护需求。一般来说,美国南方拥有更多的电炉系统,与热泵配对。在北部地区,这更昂贵,因为电热的成本通常远高于气体。如果您可以在较冷的区域进入天然气,这可能是您的最佳选择。

Carrier furnace and heat pump“width=


Have you ever bought one of those small space heaters and tried to use it to heat an area of your home? It’s probably toasty-warm directly in front of it, but you probably can’t even feel the heat 5-10 feet away from it.

家HVAC isn’t the same as a space heater, but some principles apply to both. The size and power of your system can affect comfort and efficiency throughout the home. This also affects price.


Some companies only look at the square footage of your home.这是错误的。Many other factors contribute to heating and cooling needs, including:

  • 绝缘质量
  • 质量的视窗(单一窗格,双窗格等)
  • 您家中窗口的数量和大小
  • 他们对太阳的方向(面向东/西的窗户让阳光下的热量)
  • Height of the ceilings (since warm air rises)
  • Whether or not there’s a basement
  • 和别的


Cost of HVAC Replacement & Installation

We’re close to price ranges for major equipment, but it’s important to note that the ranges we’ll list are all affected by things like the size of your home, the exact model of equipment you choose, and things like ductwork modifications that may need to happen.


一种single-stage air conditioner, heat pump or furnace has only two settings: ON and OFF.

一种two-stage unit has one more, usually 60% or 70% capacity. This can be more cost-efficient for days that are only moderately hot or cold.


Beyond the size of your system and home, staging is the biggest factor in determining cost.让我们看看这对主要HVAC设备的价格范围有何影响:


Entry-Level: $4,400 - $8,000

These are usually lowerSEER评级单位,是单级,这意味着它们只有一个设置(打开或关闭)。

Ideal Customer:业主的预算,或者计划从their current home in the next five years, will want to look in this range.

Mid-Range: $6,200 - $9,500


Ideal Customer:那些寻找妥协解决方案的妥协解决方案,融合了舒适,效率和初始成本,或者是不确定的,如果他们会在他们的家中持续10年以上。

High-End: $8,200 - $13,000

These are your top-of-the-line models. They are variable-speed, which means they have dozens or even hundreds of settings to maximize your comfort and efficiency.

Ideal Customer:房主将在家中在他们的家中超过10年,并希望最高的舒适度和最低的长期成本。

Heat Pumps

Equipment & Installation Costs:

  • Entry-Level: $5,500 - $8,000
  • Mid-Range: $7,500 - $11,000
  • 高端:$ 9,000 - 13,000美元

The biggest factor that separates those tiers is whether the equipment is single-stage, two-stage, or variable-speed. The tonnage (power) of the system is also one of the largest factors that can affect pricing within that range.

This range includes labor and any additional fees that are routinely a part of installation. We never hide anything in our pricing.

Outside of that, where you fall in those ranges will depend on your comfort goals, how long you plan on being in the home (which might justify a larger investment), and your budget.


Gas furnaces fall into two broad categories: standard efficiency and high efficiency. Electric furnace costs generally fall in line with high-efficiency gas options, with some small differences depending on model type.


Standard-Efficiency Furnace (~80%)

单级:$ 3,000 - 4,100美元

Two-stage: $3,750 - $5,300

Modulating (variable-speed): $4,300 - $5,400

High-efficiency Furnace (90%+)

Single-stage: $3,400 - $4,950

Two-stage: $4,300 - $6,550

Modulating (variable-speed): $6,250 - $7,600





因此,您可以节省多少确切计算 - 这取决于安装 - 但AC +炉安装的价格将小于同一公司单独安装的AC和炉子。

You may only need one or the other, but it’s a good consideration if both units are older and in need of replacement.

When Should I Replace My HVAC?

There isn’t one answer to this. But here are some considerations for when it may be time to consider a replacement:

  • Your energy bills are significantly higher than the previous year
  • You notice that your equipment has to run almost constantly to keep your home heated and cooled
  • You’re facing a very expensive repair on a system that’s older than 10 years
  • 无条件的空气的噪音,嗅觉和口袋都在你家周围
  • Your system is 15-20 years old (or older!) and you want to save on utilities
  • 您正准备出售您的家并希望最大限度地提高其价值

This list isn’t comprehensive, but these are many of the reasons we hear when speaking with homeowners about their decision to invest in a new HVAC system.

日程an Estimate

Cost of HVAC Maintenance & Repair

本节将更加困难地指定到特定的价格范围,因为没有修理就像另一个。所需的时间,工作和部件可以变化,甚至是类似的manufacturing shortagescan make some parts more expensive than they were even a few months ago.


For expensive repairs, it’s usually worth looking at a brand new system altogether. That blower motor could run you $2K, and a brand new system might only be $4,000.



这是另一个可能是4美元00 (adding a new return air drop to a new installation) or as much as $12,000 or higher (full ductwork replacement or installation in a home).

一种LSO READ:The Art and Science of Designing and Installing Home Ductwork

The cost to modify or repair ductwork is almost always worth it, though, because otherwise you’re leaking air or risking further leaks being created through a buildup of airflow in a particular area.没有良好的导管,你的家都不会舒服。

Cost of Ductless Mini-Splits

无导管的迷你分裂是您在许多家庭和公寓中看到的便宜窗口单位。They’re the most efficient heating and cooling units on the market.


Want to turn your garage into a year-round work area? Need to convert the attic into a new bedroom? Want to be able to use your patio in the winter?导管是对这些其他不可能的任务的解决方案。

Below we've listed typical costs. All costs listed include labor and fees.

一种单区域/一个房间heating and cooling ductless solution will range4,000美元到6,000美元之间

一种dual zone/two room系统将运行between $5,500 and $9,000


The size of the areas and nature of the installation will again determine the exact cost, but that should give you a good sense of what to expect when approaching a ductless project.


We tend to think of accessories as things that are “nice to have” but not necessities. Sometimes this is true. Other times, HVAC add-ons can dramatically increase the comfort in your home and can reduce energy costs throughout the year.




价格范围(including installation):

$600 - $2,500

FURTHER READING:是一个全家加湿器对我有权吗?


Dehumidifiers can remove excess moisture from your home, which can cause dust mites and insect infestations, allergy spikes, mold, and water damage to your basement.

价格范围(inc. installation):

$2,000 - $3,000

FURTHER READING:是一个全家除湿机对我有权吗?


一种t Fire & Ice, we recommend and install the Reme Halo Air Purifier. The Reme Halo is a state-of-the-art air purifier, proven to eliminate common viruses like MRSA, bird flu, tuberculosis, flus, and甚至covid-19

价格范围(inc. installation):

$ 995 - 1,500美元

FURTHER READING:Reme Halo Air Purifier & COVID-19: Proven Effective Against Coronavirus



Some won’t run a full load calculation to determine the proper sizing for your system.

Some will reuse the old copper piping in your line set in a new installation, increasing the chance of it leaking.

Some won’t test the system beyond “is it running?” and may leave it unoptimized and inefficient compared to what it could be.

一种t Fire & Ice, we’re rarely the cheapest option for home HVAC solutions, but we like to believe that we justify the cost tenfold with long-term value for your home.

更好的舒适。提高效率。您的系统的更长的生活。这些都在美元方面加起来,并且根据您在未来5 - 20年内享受您的投资。

Still, we’re not the right solution for every Columbus, OH home, and we want to provide the tools to help you make that decision. Below is our HVAC Contractor Checklist, a quick list of10 questions you should be asking every HVAC contractor谁参观你的家。我们希望您将使用它来确定谁是最适合您的!



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